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sub • li • mo

/suˈbliː.moː/, [sʊˈbliː.moː]

to raise or elevate, to soar

about sublimo

Welcome! We are a sister-and-brother high school duo from the Bay Area, California. Like most kids our age, we spend time having fun with friends, learning whatever we can in school, and helping out in the community when possible. When we were younger, our parents often nudged us to volunteer at various charities and organizations -- something that, at least initially, was not particularly pleasant for either of us. As we got older, we started to enjoy these experiences. We continued to help wherever we could, but soon realized that we had many of our own ideas -- to encourage highly active volunteers to help chart the course of action, to use technology to solve hard problems, and to stretch every donation as far as possible -- and so sublimo was born!

our mission

We have three overarching goals, which are listed below:

encourage education

Our main mission is to make education accessible and enjoyable for all children to create a lifelong love of learning.

focus on health & wellness

Through our work with various schools and hospitals, we attempt to help maintain the wellbeing of as many children as possible.

foster creativity

We aim to provide access to the tools and technology that encourage creativity and foster innovation.

our causes

We started our very first campaign as sublimo in the summer of 2020, and through the generous contributions of so many people, it was a grand success! We recently launched two other great campaigns, which you can see below:

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